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Metal Edge Embroidery Services

If you can provide a price from any UK Embroidered Badge manufacturer that beats our quotation for the same badge, we will offer our quotation again but with a 25% discount. We will beat any competitors price GUARANTEED.

When designing your Embroidered Badge we recommend that for maximum clarity the letters or numerals be at least 5mm tall, preferably in a clear lined font such as Arial or Verdana, and upper case. We do not recommend thin fonts such as Times New Roman but they can work well if the design is large enough.

Shading or gradient effects are impossible to stitch. For best results keep the design as bold and simple as possible. We recommend to use a maximum of 9 different colours, up to 13 is possible but it becomes more expensive.

Woven Badge design is a lot simpler because using a finer thread than embroidery means that the line thickness on fonts and graphics can be thinner and as a rule company logos with a lot of fine detail can be reproduced to an exacting standard of quality.

Please browse through our portfolio for ideas on creating your new badge, you will appreciate our quality and the wide range of small to large corporations we supply to.

The advantages of Embroidered Badges are that they provide a traditional raised look and feel which is achieved by densely stitching thicker threads into a fabric backing. They are harder wearing, colour fast and machine washable at high temperatures.

An Embroidered Badges is not able to provide the same level of detail as a Woven Badge which has a smooth flat surface created by using a much finer thickness of thread. Woven Badges are the ideal solution if you have a small badge or your design has a lot of fine detail but with Woven Badges there is a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

Send the artwork and details of your design to us by email or the contact us form. We can then work with you in getting your design ready for embroidering. If you are looking for a new supplier of an existing badge but don't have access to a scanner, you can send a sample to us in the post.

Once your design has been finalised and your order confirmed, we will send you electronically a digitised proof for your approval. A digitised proof is produced by using special digitising software to trace the artwork, it will provide a true likeness of the finished product.

You will need:

  • an iron
  • a firm flat surface - a table is better than an ironing board
  • a damp sponge
  • a thin piece of cloth
  • your garment
  • an iron-on emblem

Switch on your iron, set it to the maximum temperature and allow it to warm up.
Very lightly dampen the area where you want to apply the emblem.
Place the emblem with the embroidery facing you.
Cover the emblem with the thin cloth and press as firmly as you can for 60 seconds on both sides of the garment.
Do not use steam.
Turn the garment inside out and repeat the process.
Check that the edges are properly bonded and allow the garment to cool.

The bond reaches maximum strength after 24 hours so try to avoid wearing the garment during that period. The garment can be washed according to the care label.

What our customers say about us

Had a rush order which was not only done in good time but helped with some of the artwork. A great badge helping to raise funds for MS. Many thanks top company you wont get better service and quality

Falkirk Steeple SC

Received patches yesterday well pleased with them top class product and service. The guys in the club are over the moon with the quality of your patches. Will be back in the future to order more.

Scottish Streetfighter Owners Club

Great service, super people to work with. Superb quality. Recommend them very highly.

Virago Star Owners Club

I was thrilled that you could produce my design so accurately and exactly how I wanted it. With so many companies out there offering a similar service, you guys stood out for me as easily the best.

South Wimbledon FC

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