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Metal Edge Embroidery have been providing high grade embroidered badges for over 18 years. Our experience in the design & production of embroidered products is second to none. We have a very large UK customer base that come back to us year after year for repeat orders or with new designs. We thrive by promising consistent reliability, quality and an aim to please.

We supply embroidered patches for Bikers, Schools, Blazers, Uniforms, Rallies, Military, Paintball, Guides, Air-Soft Teams, Police, Bands, Charities, Companies, Army, Navy, RAF, Motorcycle Clubs, Martial Arts, Clubs & Associations.

Badge - Patch or Sew on Patch

What's the difference?

A badge comes in various materials such as plastic, metal & cloth being the most common. People call a piece of cloth or fabric that's shaped and embroidered, an "embroidered patch". Other names for the same item is an "embroidered badge" or "sew on patches" but to shorten these we call them "patches" or a "patch".

Whatever type, you're in the right place. View some of our work and then check out our pricing. Please email for questions & quotes.

Embroidered Badge Or Woven Badge?

The advantage of an embroidered badge type to a woven badge is that they can be produced in smaller quantities, have a raised textured effect stitched onto a backing fabric, are harder wearing, can be used over and over again, machine washable, colours will not fade & are of course cheaper.

An embroidered badge is not able to provide the same level of detail as a woven badge which has a smooth flat surface created by weaving the design into the background. A woven badge can have much finer detail and smaller text but there is a minimum order quantity disadvantage of 500 pieces.

Designing Your Embroidered Badge

When designing your embroidered badge we advise that the letters or numerals used should be at least 5mm high. We also recommend that for maximum clarity the lettering should be upper case and in a clear lined font such as Arial or Verdana. Fonts such as Times New Roman would not be recommended due to its thin ends but it does work well if the text used in the design is large enough. A script or fancy type font such as Comic Sans would be suitable on smaller  designs. A rule of thumb is that badges at 75mm should only have four medium sized words where as at 90mm, you can have six or seven. No words at all and you could go as small as you like.

Your image or logo if used must not have any gradients, shading or 3D effects as this is impossible to stitch. Keep the design as bold and simple as possible for best results. Please look at some of our sew on patch samples for ideas on the design.

How To Order Your Woven Or Embroidered Patches

Send the artwork and details of your design to us by email. We can then work with you in getting your design ready for embroidering. If you are looking for a new supplier of an existing woven or embroidered badge and don't have access to a scanner, you can send a sample to us in the post.

Once your design has been finalized and your order confirmed, we can send you electronically a digitised proof for your approval. A digitised proof is produced by using special digitizing software to trace the artwork. It will provide a true likeness of the finished product. The actual badge looks far greater than any proof because it will have the backing applied, making it firm and flat, the stitch line between letters are removed wherever possible, and the real thing is always better than an image on a computer screen.